Dr Prof Rohini Handa

Dr Prof Rohini Handa


Chief Doctor

NPI DMC- 7421

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Apollo Hospitals Delhi

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Professional Memberships And Certifications

Graduated 1982, Post-graduation 1986

Formerly, Professor of Medicine at AIIMS, New Delhi

Working in Apollo Hospitals since the last Assignment

Prof. Handa has received several awards and citations including the MN Sen Oration Award & Shakuntla Amir Chand Prize by the Indian Council of
Medical Research; Dr. GB Jain Oration and Dr Sukumar Mukherjee Honor Lecture by Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine; JC Patel and BC
Mehta Prize, Pawan Kumari Jain Oration, Dr JN Berry Award and the Searle Oration by the Association of Physicians of India and IRA Oration
by the Indian Rheumatology Association.

Prof. Handa holds/has held leadership positions in many professional societies. He is the Dean Elect of the Indian College of Physicians. He
has served as President of APLAR (Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology) from 2010-2012 and as the Chair of ILAR
(International League of Associations for Rheumatology) in 2012.

He was the President of the Indian Rheumatology Association from 2009-2011 and President of the Delhi Rheumatology Association from 2010 till
2012. Prof. Handa has served/serves on the editorial board of respected medical journals including Rheumatology Oxford, Current
Rheumatology Reports, Best Practice and Research Clinical Rheumatology, Clinical Rheumatology, Indian Journal of Rheumatology and
Journal of Association of Physicians of India. He has authored/co-authored more than 335 papers, book chapters, review articles, and
abstracts in national and international journals.

Research And Publications

More than 330 papers, review articles, abstracts, book chapters


Professional Memberships And Certifications

WHO Fellowship 1995

Fellow Royal College of Physicians (Glasgow)

Fellow American College of Rheumatology

Fellow National Academy of Medical Sciences (India)

Fellow Indian College of Physicians

Fellow Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine

Fellow International Medical Sciences Academy

Founder Fellow Geriatric Society of India

Life Member Indian Rheumatology Association

Life Member Delhi Rheumatology Association

Life Member Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine

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152 Barclay Ave Staten Island, NY 10312, USA

( 123) 456 -9720


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