Dr Nitish Anchal

Dr Nitish Anchal

Vascular Surgeon

Speciality And Areas Of Interest

Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

Work Experience

Senior Consultant Vascular Surgery

(Indraprastha Apollo Hospital 2017-2018) New Delhi.

Consultant & Head of Department Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

Manipal Hospital Dwarka.

Consultant & Head of Department Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala

Assistant Professor, Dept of Surgery

Bpkihs, Dharan , Nepal

Research And Publications

Parathyroid Cyst A Rare Diagnosis of Neck Swelling:

N. Kaur, S. Saha, Nitish Anchal

Published – 2009

Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research

August.2009 B: 1679-1681

Antral Mucosal Valve; a rare cause of gastric outlet obstruction in new born
A. Pratap, A. Tiwari, C. Agrawal, Pramod Shreshta, Nitish Anchal, V.Shakya
The Journal of Paediatric Surgery
1 April 2006

Falciform ligament abscess with portal Pyemia in a new-born –
A. Pratap, A. Tiwari V. Shakya
Journal of Paediatric Surgery
1 August 2006
Mature soilid teratoma of the rectum:Report of case
B.Kumar, Manoj Kumar, R.Sen, Nitish Anchal
28 November 2008

The Journal of Urology
1 May 2006
Annular Pancreas: An Unusual Presentation.
Nitish Anchal, Prithpal Singh, Saket Goel, S.Sikka, Deepshikha Arora, D. Govil
Apollo Medicine. 1 December 2010