Top 10 hospitals in Delhi

Top 10 hospitals in Delhi -Delhi is the capital city of India. Has one of the best hospital facilities all over India and even sometimes have better facilities and diagnosis of diseases as compared to the hospitals/health care around the globe.

A good hospital can make you get rid of your all diseases, no matter how much critical it may be. Many top hospitals in New Delhi can provide a good service to the patients with their experience and highly qualified doctors and staff. In this blog, we have listed the Top 10 hospitals in Delhi.

Delhi has the highest number of hospitals in the country and many of them are multi-specialty, super-specialty ones. These top 10 hospitals in Delhi have made a name for high-quality health care and have been awarded by various medical organizations in India as well as globally.

Top 10 hospitals in Delhi.

The below list will help you find the Top 10 hospitals in Delhi. The list also consists of the Top 10 private hospitals in Delhi.

1. BLK Super Specialty Hospital:

BLK Super Specialty Hospital is among the top 10 private hospitals in Delhi-NCR was founded by Dr B L Kapur in the year 1959 during the rule of the Prime minister of India. Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

The hospital has a wide variety of services which tops the competition from international hospitals. It is a super specialty hospital that is top of the class in the healthcare sector. The hospitals have a huge Campus of around 5 acres. And have a capacity of 700 beds. This hospital has a patient-centric medical care system. It also has earned many accreditations from many boards of hospitals.

2. Max Hospital, Saket:

The Max Hospital is one the most professional as well as the preferred name when it comes to healthcare. It is a unit of Devki Dev Foundation. It has an internationally designed architecture that is renewed around the world.

The hospital has a massive infrastructure with a capacity of 1900 beds and over 500 ICUs. Max hospitals have 2100 have world-class doctors. It has an automated laboratory and also has a world-class dialysis unit.


AIIMS is a prestigious organization that provides best-in-class medical facilities. It has state of the art equipment facilities as well as a good number of beds.AIIMS also have the aim to provide the country with the best doctors and surgeons to make the country healthy as well as immune to many diseases.

AIIMS have many numbers of a neurologist, neurosurgeons, and cardiologists. It provides high-in-class medical certificates.

4. Fortis, Shalimar Bagh:

The Fortis is a name which is renowned in the world for its best-in-class service and top-class medical facilities as well as the diagnosis it is a multi-super specialty hospital that offers high-class specialization departments in all sectors of health care.

The Fortis group came into existence in the year 2010. The hospital strives to give quality medical services as well as full healthcare services. The fortis hospital building was the first in the world to be registered as a green building and has topped the green building rating system.

5. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital:

The Apollo Hospital was commenced in the year 1983. It is recognized globally as well in India. The Apollo hospitals have the mission of bringing the best healthcare with international standards to India.

The Apollo group have more than 64 hospitals and have 10000 beds across all the hospitals. The hospitals come with 2200 pharmacies,115 telemedicine units across 9 countries around the globe. The Apollo hospitals have health insurance services as well as academic institutes. The hospitals have world-class services that have improved a large number of people’s life.

Apollo has the main aim of Enriching India and keeping the citizen of India healthy.

6. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital:

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital was been established in the pre-independence period by Sir Ganga Ram in the year 1921 at Lahore.

Sir Ganga Ram was a leading civil engineer and a philanthropist during his lifetime. After partition, the hospital was been constructed on 11 acres of land in New Delhi with the help of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was the prime minister of India at that time. The hospital has 675 beds with a multi-specialty zone in every sector of medical health care. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is one of the hospitals that have 100% bed occupancy due to its popularity based on high-class services and infrastructure.

It provides a high-level medical facility for the common man to the richest of the rich people.

7. St Stephen’s Hospital:

St Stephen’s Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Delhi which was established in 1885 to provide affordable healthcare to all sections of society.

The hospital has a capacity of 600 beds which is a speciality in all the sectors of health care and hospital care. It has 24-hour emergency services.

The hospital also provides specialty programs/ courses for the students. The hospital works on the motto of “In love serves one Another” It strives to provide healthcare for all.

8. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital :

Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital was established by the British government for the treatment of their officers as well as soldiers. Later post-independence it was shifted to the new Delhi municipal community.

The hospital provides 1216 beds and it is spread over 30 acres of land with world-class infrastructure as well as best-in-class facilities.

It is the most popular healthcare institution to provide facilities from the rich to the poor.

9. Safdarjung Hospital:

Safdarjung hospital was founded during the time of World War -II in the year 1942 for the armed forces. It was established to provide high-class medical facilities for government employees, especially for the. armed forces.

The hospital works on the same motto as the Indian military “Service before self” The hospital comes with best-in-class nursing facilities as well as the best equipment. with maintaining the high-class infrastructure.

The main aim of the hospital is to provide medical services for all people and help them recover as soon as possible. The physical and mental health of the patient is the main aim of the hospital

10. Sant Parmanand Hospital:

Sant Parmanand Hospital is a best-in-a-class medical institute that offers more than 153 beds with multi-specialty health care services.

It is driven to serve society as well as humanity to make the world a healthier place. In 13 years the hospital has gained huge popularity for its optimal services.


Health is the most important part of human life. We all have its awareness post-covid-19. Because there is a saying called “Health is wealth” covid taught us it in a rough way. Delhi NCR has the best private hospitals with the best-in-class health care services. The healthcare industry and pharma industry have a good scope in Delhi the capital city.

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